Saturday, March 8


The Spence House

Well the weatherman got it right this time! We woke up to a nice pretty blanket of snow at the Spence House this morning. 7 and 1/8 inches of it to be exact--measured in our backyard --look at the right side of the ruler.

I cooked breakfast and then we had to keep the boys at bay long enough to get them dressed to go outside and off we went. The boys had a big time well we all did actually AND we built a pretty nifty snowman if I do say so myself! When we came back in to get warm Net Net came over and made yummy snow cream for us too! Check out our pictures from today. {yes I know I need to update other stuff but that will come in time I promise...}

The boys on our front porch

Will's Snow Dance ???

An even funnier Jake Snow Dance {haha}

Mommy and Jake working on the snowman

Jake kissing the snowman before he was finished--he was obsessed with eating the snow--he was just diving and eating/licking the snow off the ground--crazy kid

All Will wanted to do while we built the snowman was swing--here he is in 25 degree weather swinging--another crazy kid

Daddy and his bruisers with the snowman

Mommy and her angels with the snowman =)

Meet Huskamida the snowman--Jake named him
or as James and I like to call him St Patty since he is decked in
Happy early St Patricks Day!

This is Alaina Claire's reaction when we came in and told her all about the snow and the snowman we built while she was napping--she was super excited!


Holly said...

Looks like you al had fun! We too played in the snow after breakfast. Good thing because it is pretty much gone now!

Kim said...

I'm jealous - our 1/2 inch didn't amount to nothing!!!

Courtney said...

Hm... so the Spence's got all the snow, huh? I'm glad SOMEbody got something to talk about. I went to Kroger in that mess yesterday for only a measly inch or so... that was gone faster than it even came.

Stefanie said...

Man, I can't believe I'm gone when we get a bunch of snow back home! Oh well. I think that Will looks great in my hat, btw. Looks like everyone had a bunch of fun and the silly boys had a good time dancing in the snow :-)

Amy Call said...

These pics are too cute!! The boys look like they had a blast and James does too!! How funny! AC looks so excited too!! How do you do it?? Cant wait to meet her and see you guys!!

Natalie said...

OK, so it has been nearly 20 days since you last updated. Love the snow, don't miss it -- can you please put some pics up of your KIDS?!?!? Hugs and Kisses

Natalie said...

Seriously ~ nothing has happened in a mth that you can't update your blog? I'm BOYCOTTING ;)

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