Sunday, March 2

Get Together

We had our first birthday get together of the year today with the Childress family. There was lots of catching up, good conversation, lessons on how to clean toilets and watching the kids run around. Fun times, fun times with the Childress bunch!! Among the birthdays {Johnny, Richard, Nooge, Net Net} we celebrated Will's birthday too! He got some cuuute swim trunks and a tank and some cool shirts that of course in true Will fashion he HAD to put on right then. His most favorite gift I do believe was the 4 wheeler Aunt Gale got him.

Check him out:

We always have cake of course and this time my crazy kid {that would be Jake today} watched everyone lick the candles after we sang and they blew the candles out. So he proceeds to get a candle and start gnawing at the base of it. Like he really took a bite there were bite marks which I didn't capture out of the candles. Crazy kid! Knowing that didn't taste good just because he thought he saw everyone else doing it. He knows now....or at least til next time....


My Aunt Phyllis, Uncle Eugene, Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Ronnie gave us a Christening Gown for Alaina Claire. Phyllis had called to ask if I had one and I foolishly mentioned I would just use the one I did for the boys and she thought I was nuts I am pretty sure! hee hee This gown is absolutely GORGEOUS and yes now after seeing it the one I had really looks like a boy's gown. I took pictures but they aren't in the best light hopefully you can see some of it. THANK YOU Nanny, Nooge, Charlotte and Ronnie I love it's guts out!! {as Phyllis would say}

Weird color picture--i know. Look at the teeny tiny pearls on the embroidered flowers on the gown, plus it has lace!

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