Tuesday, February 12


What is it with this winter season?! I am TIRED of the sickness visiting my house. I'm over it---go away!!! Where do I start..Will--has had runny nose/cough/low grade fever going on 2 weeks. Took him of course right at the beginning--nothing they can do wait it out. OF COURSE! Jake--had a runny nose but was pretty much gone--Sunday spiked a 102.3 fever! Yay--but no other symptoms. Ok so all seemed to be going fairly well this morning. We had no fevers and were playing like gangbusters and the kids were itching to go to school so off they went. Now in the meantime I had called and made and appt for today at 3pm because I wasn't sure what was going on. I started to cancel but thought better of it.

Good thing! Picked up the boys and Will was extremely whiney and so was Jake but he didn't get enough nap was his issue. So I decided it was off to the dr we go. I just knew Will had an ear infection having had this crud for so long and a little fever--I just knew it! Jake who knows he seemed better although he was now complaining that his mouth hurt---strep throat??? I just didn't know so we headed to see Dr K. It gets good.....

It took me 30 minutes tops from the time I picked them up to the time we arrived at the dr's office. Wanna know what happened in that 30 min. I'll just tell you. Jake fell back asleep ok that's fine and Will was whining like crazy in his seat which is TOTALLY not like him. I had just called Granny Gaynell to tell her we were making a pitstop before coming to her house for dinner. AS SOON AS I HUNG up the phone and had turned off the interstate to head to the Dr's office---I hear gagging and look in the rear view mirror to see Will puking his guts out. I was on a busy road and we weren't that far from the Dr's office but sometimes that road is so congested it can take forever to go that little bit so I get to where I can pull over. Pulled over and got back there to him and he was done of course by the time I got to him. Cleaned him up a bit then went on to the dr's office.

Got in the parking lot {we are now at least 10 minutes late and in the background of all of this I have Jake telling me I HAVE to clean Will up, Alaina Claire is screaming because well I don't know why really, Net Net calls to see if I need anything from the Bread store and Daddy calls to get the scoop that I don't even have yet} Get out Will a change of clothes which I never would have had if I didn't have his back pack from school with me. {I mean who carries a change of clothes for their 2 & 3 yr old?? Not me} All the while I am Purelling my hands every few seconds because my little girl can't keep her Paci in her mouth even though it was the only thing keeping her quiet and Jake wanted to get out of the car like yesterdayANd insists that I give Will a bath you know in the parking lot.

In we go--all 4 of us. Alaina Claire in her seat in the stroller, carrying Will who is limp begging for Juice and trying to keep Jake in check in the parking lot?! Get back in the room and Jake is having a party--I mean a really good time and poor Will is just beside himself because he doesn't know what is going on.

The nurse is asking me the standard symptoms questions and I am trying to answer. Then of course everything I said HAD been going on was now opposite PLUS we have now added puking to the list?!!! AND when she took Will's temp HIS was now 102!! Seriously in the 30 minutes it took for us to get to that office the boy spiked a fever. He did NOT have one when I put him in his car seat. I just told her to take all the symptoms and put them on whoevers chart because I didn't know anymore!!

Will is still begging for juice, Alaina Claire is being somewhat good at this point and going in and out of sleep and Jake is reading every book in the room and acting out all of the parts. We finally decided to let Will have a sip {probably too long of a sip} of his Juice because he was just so pitiful.

We see the Dr and what is the Diagnosis??----OH YEAH FOLKS---we have Hand Foot and Mouth Disease!! Nice ulcers in our mouth but nowhere else thank goodness. Woo hoo--I am so excited I can't stand it!!! {total sarcasm in case you haven't figured me out yet} And it appears that Will probably threw up because his fever spiked like it did---lucky me!!

Explanation, yada yada nothing to do yada yada 3-5 days yada yada, get Will's clothes back on, two copays, two stickers and a trek back out to the car later and we are on our way home.

Or are we?? Remember that "sip" of juice?? Oh yeah before I could get out of the parking space it all came back up!!! Lovely....lovely I tell ya!!!

So needless to say Will is basically a couple days behind Jake and as of now he has not thrown up anymore though all he has had is Sprite. We will just see what tomorrow brings, as I am sure it will be loads of fun. So now we are just crossing our fingers, standing on our heads, picking four leaf clovers, touching ye old lucky horseshoe {like I have one} doing whatever it takes for Alaina Claire not to be blessed with the funk too. Can you imagine........

SO....Sorry Granny and everyone else who was coming over to visit with us that we didn't make it tonight but I promise we would have been zero fun! Granny finished dinner anyway and James went and picked it up. YUMMY roast---it was delicious! AND Kim since we had our great playdate all planned out for tomorrow we should have known. I'm thinking you definitely don't want this crud anywhere near your house!! Hopefully we will get there soon.


Kim said...

That trip to the grocery store was a breeze!!!

pookiesmom said...

Oh man! HOpe you guys feel better soon!! Amy just had the flu. Could someone explain to me why we got the flu shot? LOL Figures my kid would get the shot and the flu.

Courtney said...

Oh no... I'm sorry, Rachel. That sounds like one whopper of a day. ;( I sure hope your crew gets well soon!

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