Sunday, February 10

April stops in

Much to our surprise and delight my good friend April got to come into town, unfortunately it was due to the recent horrible tornadoes that hit TN since she works for Red Cross, but we were excited to see her anyway. She lives in DC now and we see each other maybe 3-4 times a year. The boys LOVE it when she comes into town. She is always good for something fun. She plays fun games and sometimes brings fun toys and books and lets us crash at whatever hotel she is staying so they can play in the indoor pool & hot tub when it is cold outside and even sometimes takes them to fun places! Jake is still waiting to go back to the Rainforest Cafe with April even though it has been a year and we have done a million things since. He remembers buddy---remembers it all. So April, what about it??? HAHA

She is definitely like the fun aunt who technically isn't an aunt but might as well be since she is just like a sister to me. SOOO glad you got to stop by April and hopefully we will see you again before you head home. Here's a picture of her hanging out with the boys--Alaina Claire was already in bedtime mode when she got here so we'll get that picture next time.

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