Thursday, January 17

I wanna be like Daddy

Both the boys love to dress up in Daddy's work stuff. The fave is his Metalpha visor. These pictures of Will are recent but I went back in the archives circa 2005 for when Jake was just 6 months old wearing the SAME thing below. (mind you probably a different one by now--but the same nonetheless)

Check them out---Daddy's Metalpha boys! That is where James works for those who don't know. Will also loves to put Daddy's crocs on---anything of Daddy's ROCKS according to the boys. How cute!
Jake at 6 months old
MAN! Check out the hair. lol Hopefully AC's will grow that fast. =)


Kim said...

I see AC in a pony tail in about 7.2 months!!!

Lea Ann said...

Too cute!

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