Sunday, October 7

Mommy gets time off

Been off with the girls trying to complete a scrapbook I started 2 years ago. This was our biannual scrapbook weekend. We've been doing it for several years now and this time we decided to stay close to home AND save money. Went to my friend Misty's house and her hubby was nice enough to take the kids on a trip for the weekend so we had her house all to ourselves! Don't worry Jay we are taking turns with the houses--you're off the hook for at least another year! =)

Anyway, it was so nice to be able to have adult conversation all weekend and chit chat about anything and everything! I think that is the best part. I did get ALMOST completed with Jake's 1st year...haha!! I still have Will's 1st year and my goal is to have it all done before Alaina Claire makes her appearance.......................Yeah I know.........It ain't gonna happen.........I can dream though!

It was a blast ladies and I am thankful for the much needed reprieve!!


Courtney said...

At least you're realistic about it. I was reading this thinking... "uh, GOOD LUCK with getting Will's done in the next 11 weeks!" :) It's not about the destination (completed album), but the journey. Just think, it we all finished our stuff, why would we need a scrapbook weekend? haha - said by the girl who didn't even crack hers open.

Kim said...

It was a scrapbook weekend???? I don't know what I was thinking?!?!? Did I even have scrapbook stuff with me?? I don't think I finished a page!! hahaha

Holly said...

Glad you got a little time off. SOunds like you had fun!

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