Wednesday, October 10

Getting ready for Halloween

Halloween time is lots of fun. I had been telling Jake that we would be able to put up our Halloween stuff when it was October and he has been patiently waiting. Everytime he sees Halloween anything in the store he wants to have it and I try to tell him about all the cool things we already have and I finally decided it was time to get it out. Net Net one upped me and got some of her stuff out already so he thought that was super cool and he gets to see it everyday. BUT couldn't have that for long--we have to have our own stuff too! hehe

So today we had a chance to find SOME of our Halloween stuff. We are still waiting for Daddy to get down the rest of it from the attic in the garage. (I'm not allowed up there now--too risky for me in my prego status--supposedly--although where do you think I rummaged this stuff from??)...but anyway, I digress. =)

We did find one pumpkin thing that we hang up and stake out in the yard. Jake thought it would make a great costume as you can see. He was the pumpkin monster....he was very scary!

Then, sadly, the only other thing we could find were these pumpkin lawn bags. I had these from last year Big Lots $1. Now I wasn't expecting much, and I was right, not the BIG lawn bags that make the BIG pumpkins nope just little bitty lawn bags that make little bitty pumpkins. But those are ok too. So we found the one spot in our yard that we had leaves. Mind you these ARE the dead dried up leaves from our no rain past few months--not cool leaves that are fun to jump in that fall from the trees in the Autumn. Regardless they did the job and we were able to fill up a few pumpkins with leaves and the boys had a good time raking and helping fill the bags.

Hopefully soon I will be able to report more fall and Halloween decorations that have been put out, but for now these will do. The kids like them....that is what matters!


Amy Call said...

What great helpers!! Too cute~!!~ They look like they are on a mission..."Let's get this place ready for Halloween!!!" I love it!!!

Holly said...

I cant wait for Halloween! Such a fun time of year.

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