Monday, October 15

Fun Stuff at Yaya and Papa's house...

The boys love going over to Yaya and Papa's. Not only are there cool toys and tea to drink but for Jake it's like he is in video heaven!! For Jake that means EVERYTHING! Yaya has about 1, 493 videos to choose from--anything and everything you can imagine. It's her secret obsession---hehe--and Jake couldn't be happier! (for the Cart family maybe it's not so secret...) So yesterday like any other he wanted to watch a video downstairs. You see downstairs is much cooler than the upstairs where everyone hangs out normally. Downstairs has more couches and open space to run AND cats to chase! Woo hoo

So anyway, yesterday as a break from video heaven for bit {You do have to remember that when we talk about watching movies--you can count Will out. So the whole time Jake is occupied with his next cool movie--Will is into everything he can get his hands on at yaya's} =)

Back to the break---the boys went outside when Papa got home today and they had a big time playing in the yard. James snapped a few pics of our kiddos running around before we had supper. He tried to get some with Papa and Yaya but the speed they were going outside you wouldn't have been able to see through the blur!

Mmmmm there's some of that yummy tea!

Yaya starts the ice throwing contest--dig in yaya'a glass for ice with your dirty hands cuz she loves that then put it in your mouth--oooh too cold so quick throw as hard as you can into the yard--cool!

Fun times on the swing set in the backyard--I luuuv you so much Will (squeeze really hard) I really do! (smack-not pictured)

Thanks Papa and Yaya for all of our fun times, videos and of course sweet tea to drink--yum yum!!


Lea Ann said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!! I remember the loads of movies....too much fun!

Amy Call said...

Oh...I am so jealous!! I want to go over there and hang out!! You are so lucky to be so close! I want to hang out with the boys too!!

Kim said...

Tell them that I'm dropping my kids off tomorrow!!!

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