Tuesday, September 25


Jake & Will
Both the boys were well enough to go to school today!!! If I could show you my excited face I would but taking my own picture and posting it here just doesn't seem right. But WOOO HOOOO!! It's not that I want them out of the house all the time by any means, I am just glad the sickness is gone. We've done this for 2 weeks (at least one kid in my face that whole time) and finally finally the croup is gone!! Please don't ever come back--you are not welcome here! (especially when new baby gets here--stay away)

Uncle Ronnie
My uncle Ronnie is also doing very well. He got to go home this past week and is recuperating there. He is definitely glad to be out of that hospital and so is Charlotte! I even heard through the grapevine... =) that he was up helping her cook the other night. That's what I'm talking about!! Here's to hoping you continue to do well and rest at home!

My mom moving
And finally, my mother is completely moved in next door. After 3 weeks of traveling back and forth with the truck and the van and her car bringing loads up here we finally got it all on Saturday, except for a little bit she went and got on Sunday and cleaned the other house. Nooge and Johnny came and helped my mom and James and Stef even came into town for the event. Doesn't matter who all it took--what matters is it is D-O-N-E!!! Thanks to Nooge and Johnny for making the trip and bringing the trailer and providing your much needed muscle---cuz James is only one man. The boys are excited that Net Net is next door though I don't think they have figured out that she is there all the time, which at this point is good, considering all the unpacking left to do.

That is all for us for now. I am off to enjoy my time while they are at Mother's Day Out---5 hours goes by fast! Have a great day everyone.

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Enjoy your day "off"!! Have a good one!

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