Saturday, September 1

1st Vanderbilt Game!!

Jake got to go to his very first VU game tonight. He had a big time. He actually did really really well. We have season tickets with my dad and we decided it's time to finally bring him. It's not something we would do every game but he enjoyed it all. He really liked that there were hot dogs, popcorn and peanut M&M's, then Veggie Tales came out during half time and even fireworks after the game. He also got good at shaking the metallic gold shaker saying "Go Vandy!" Don't get me wrong--he was ready to go home in the 1st quarter (after all the food was gone) but with lots of diversions we made it through til the end. He even made a friend in front of us that was his age and they were able to annoy those around us together which was great. (no really they were fine) AND to top it off Vandy won! Yay!

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NiNi said...

that's adorable. I bet Daddy (Gramps) was proud.

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