Monday, July 2

Finally...our new "real" pool!

Ok so not a really real pool but it's definitely bigger than the little fishing pond you saw in the Father's Day post. It is definitely big enough for them to play around in. They loved it! Jake was determined to catch some fish--you'll see where he pulled the pole out and was like "hey, where did my fish go?!" Will on the other hand was bouncing on his knees on the seat that is in there--looks like he's making a quick escape but no he is just playing. And yes, there is plenty of room if Mommy and Daddy want to pretend we are living it up at the beach somewhere......ahhh someday again we'll make it to sunny wherever to vacation but for now our new "real" pool, as we call it, in the backyard will have to do.


kim said...

that is a cool pool!!

Natalie said...

You know - Tampa is sunny - AND we're right near the beach! We have a 'real pool' that IN the ground .... come visit anytime!

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